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Nov 24, 2017


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Shorter is Better! The 133 Character Limit

Shorter is Better! The 133 Character Limit

Social Media, blogging and emails are the predominant tools that help build a marketing strategy, we use them ourselves for personal purposes and know that they work. But how does a 98% open rate sound to you?

Yes, you heard right, 98%! This is only one of the convincing benefits that SMS Marketing brings to the table. The straightforward and intimate nature of SMS were other reasons for Stampede to make it part of the marketing approach we offer with our software.

GDPR Changes

As you must have heard by now, changes concerning data privacy are ahead in form of the General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR), which will be implemented in May 2018. For email and SMS marketing, that means an opt-out or unsubscribe option must be included in every communication you send out.

SMS messages sent through Stampede were previously limited to 160 characters, but due to the GDPR changes and the necessity of an unsubscribe option in SMS, the new maximum number of characters you’ll be able to use to promote your brand and services will be decreased to around 133 characters. It is quite difficult to send long links to your customers that allow them to unsubscribe.

Don’t worry, as usual, we have the solution for you.

URL Shorteners

Long URLs can be easily shortened with free tools like and All you have to do is copy the link you want to shorten to one of the tools and you’ll receive a neat looking, short link right away! Using the short link in SMS will now save characters, which you can use to promote your business instead.

Way more than just a link

Links enable us to quickly visit a site on the Internet, save helpful resources and share cute cat videos with our friends. They are used in every channel for every conceivable purpose and shortening them is not the only thing you can do.

Link Branding

You can brand your shortened link to give some context to the click and let others know what they are about to see before they even click the link. You’ve probably seen this on sites like YouTube – like so –

A branded short domain is where the true experience starts for your customer.

Link Insight

Another decisive benefit you can get from URL shortening is insight. We here at Stampede have always been convinced that understanding your customers is the key to success. With our software we enable you to track new and returning visitors to your venue. To track link clicks, shortened links can be used. They give you the opportunity to measure your performance with link analytics. Insights are a powerful tool to not only track your marketing efforts but also to adapt them continuously.

Let’s be honest

Wouldn’t you like to find out how many of your friends secretly click your cute cat video? 

If you crave more powerful insights into your customer’s online behviour through awesome guest WiFi, there’s no reason to wait- click the button below and find out how Stampede can help you boost your business!

Click here to get started.



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