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Jan 22, 2020


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Reflecting Your Company Culture in Your Social Media Strategy

Reflecting Your Company Culture in Your Social Media Strategy

Gone are the days when having a website was a “big deal” and creating a business Facebook page was an advanced social media strategy. Now, social media marketing has become far more complex and there are countless platforms to choose from. The strategy of marketing one’s business online has also evolved. Where we once communicated messages that were “salesy” and persuasive, today’s consumers prefer a more conversational and down-to-earth tone. In fact, this is why many companies have completely adapted their entire company culture to fit in with the new social media-oriented world

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture can be defined as the personality of a company. In essence, a company’s culture creates the entire environment in which work takes place. It consists of many elements, including the work environment, a company’s mission, values, ethics, expectations, and goals.

For example, some organisations prefer teamwork and endorse casual attire. While others have a more traditional and formal management style where a suit and tie are still a requirement. 

Why Does Company Culture Matter?

Company culture is one way of keeping employees happy. A happy business is generally a thriving one. If candidates know what your company culture is like before they apply for an open position, then they are going to be more willing to embrace it and stick around. 

Also, workers tend to enjoy work more when their opinions and values are consistent with those of the workplace. This forms a great foundation for productivity and team spirit. 

When an employee appreciates a company’s culture and feels akin to it, then they are more likely to be proud ambassadors of their workplace. Having such team players on your workforce is a very important component of a successful modern-day social media campaign. 

The next section delves into why. 

The Importance of Reflecting Your Company Culture in Your Social Media Strategy

When it comes to social media, you can use your company’s culture to send engaging messages to your audiences to let them know who you are, what you have to offer, and why! It adds a personal touch to your marketing – a personal touch that consumers have come to appreciate and acknowledge. 

The characters your employees, the core values of your business, and the moments of euphoria that are experienced when goals are reached. All this contributes to the giant tapestry of your workplace.

But, while your culture may be fun and positive, if you haven’t found a way to show this energy that your company radiates, then social media is the place where you need to turn your focus.  

One thing that social media captures is the personification of an organisation’s culture. Whether you are a retailer or are in the hospitality industry. Portraying the positivity and happiness of your workforce on social media not only fosters further positivity, but another bonus is that it’s great for recruiting other employees whose values are the same.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate your company culture into your social media marketing. Here are five ways to make it happen.

Get Employees to Participate

If your company culture is one that embraces new ideas and encourages employees to be team players, then you will have no problem including your employees into your social media marketing strategies. Ask workers to share the company’s posts to their personal pages. Emphasise how important it is to engage with audiences who respond to posts. 

You could even set challenges for your team where employees get points for the posts they like, share or comment on. The one with the most points could win a prize, perhaps?

Once you have your employees participating in your social media campaigns, then the next suggestions will easily fall into place. 

Be Human

We understand that you are trying to promote your business and sell a product or service. Audiences, however, respond much better to messages that contain a human element. The more casual you are (as opposed to being formal and corporate-like), the more likely you will put your company in the limelight to get the exposure it needs. 

You can humanise your posts by:

  • Including faces in your posts. Feature your team leaders and employees and remember to tag them. 
  • Adding positive emotions to your social media content. Posts that include humour, intrigue, pride, warmth, hope and curiosity are more likely to be shared. 
  • Making audiences feel like they are a part of your team and the fun company culture you have created. Use terms like “let us” and “join us” in your content.

Celebrate Employees. Give Them the Limelight

Share the achievements of your employees on social media and give them praise for their accomplishments. When you let your followers and customers know you’re proud of your team, then it leaves the impression that you are a company that cares about its staff as well one who works hard to deliver an excellent product or service.  

Tell Stories and Give Sneak Peeks into What Happens “Behind the Scenes”

Share your company’s culture with the world. Tell them stories about your day and give them sneak peeks into “what’s to come”. Keep them engaged by keeping stories real and personal.

For example, if your hotel has just received a new shipment of luxury bathroom amenities, share a picture of your staff eagerly adding them to guest bathroom shelves. Or what about a live video of your busy kitchen team preparing Sunday lunch?

Engage and Respond

If your company’s culture is one that takes the consumer seriously, then responding to inquiries and comments is key.  Remember, social media is meant to be a two-way street (with emphasis on the word “social”)! This means that you need to engage with followers and respond to any messages promptly. 

Audiences will appreciate your friendly responses and your business’s culture will be kept positive. When a social media strategy reflects the core essence of a company (it’s culture), then it’s more likely to attract the attention of readers.

Want to further increase your engagement and interaction on social media channels? Get in touch with us.



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