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Dec 12, 2016


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Guest WiFi – The 4th Emergency Service?

Guest WiFi – The 4th Emergency Service?

Heat, Light, Water and… WiFi?

As a business owner, the above utilities are essential services to a growing brand.

If you run a restaurant, bar, café, club or pub, then you have to consider WiFi as the 4th most important utility to offer your customers, after, heat light and water (….or wine).

It seems obvious to say but offering a great guest WiFi experience is just as essential to the customers as the environment and the quality of food and drinks you serve. The whole experience keeps customers on your premises longer, increasing your customer base and revenue.

Many businesses already give WiFi access to their customers by either leaving their WiFi connection ‘open’ or by giving out the password at the bar or writing it on a menu board….(sounds familiar?)

Stampede WiFi Fourth Service

Whichever of these options you choose, each comes with a number of problems.

Firstly, if the Internet connection is critical for day to day running of their business to process card payments, run POS systems etc, there is a real danger that customers will potentially have access to sensitive information.

Secondly, unless the default login details to the WiFi router are changed, anyone could login to the router and make changes. This could range from wiping out internet connectivity completely or changing the network name to something obscene reflecting poorly on your brand.

Thirdly, by leaving the connection open or freely giving out the password, people from outside or nearby may be using the WiFi, reducing their chances of coming inside and increasing your chance of a hefty internet bill.

If the network password is openly displayed, hackers can use a number of free tools available on the Internet to ‘sniff’ traffic sent over a WiFi network. This means they will be able to see all the information, including usernames and passwords sent over the network. Customers of yours could have their accounts breached with no consequence to the culprit. Reflecting terribly on your brand.

Offering Wi-Fi greatly improves the guest experience and definitely builds customer loyalty.

Stampede The pack Branding

You should consider a self-branded splash page; this is a great way to make it super easy for guests to connect and it’s also an opportunity for you to talk to your customers. Personalize their experience and get them speaking to their friends about how great your business is. You can easily identify if any users are up to no good and block out any non-child friendly websites. All this, as well as complying with all the legalities associated with offering guest WiFi in your venue, is covered by us.

If Stampede sounds like something you might be interested in, get in touch!

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