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Mar 2, 2020


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Getting Ready for Mother’s Day – Creative Promotion Ideas

Getting Ready for Mother’s Day – Creative Promotion Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of those occasions that should be boldly marked on all calendars. As a business, you don’t only want to play your role in honouring moms around the world but you also want to use the event to your advantage from a marketing perspective. So, get ready for Mother’s Day with our creative promotion ideas for your venue.

Did you know that an average of 87 million adults take their mothers out to a restaurant for Mother’s Day each year? This makes the day worthy of some strategic marketing efforts that will help you to surpass your month’s target. 

In case you are short on creative promotion ideas for the upcoming Mother’s Day, don’t worry, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re rustling up some Mother’s Day campaigns for the first time or you are looking for new and trendy ideas, our fun and innovative tips below will help you get off to a successful start.

8 Brilliant Ways to Engage Your Audiences This Mother’s Day:

1. Start by Advertising Your Mother’s Day Promotion as A Rare Event

Even though the occasion comes around once every year, it doesn’t mean that you cannot market this Mother’s Day as “THE” Mother’s Day of all mother’s days. By marketing your Mother’s Day event as a “once-off never to happen again occasion”, you’ll create a sense of urgency. This should intrigue your repeat customers as well as potential new ones. 

2. Let Your Audiences Know That Moms Will Get Special Treatment

Your audiences want their moms to get extra special treatment on this very special day. So, plan a treat and let it be known to the world! Whether you hand out chocolates, flowers, or a free glass of wine, make sure your patrons know what’s going to be in store for them. 

3. Create A Unique Dining Experience

Your regular patrons may look for a new venue to celebrate Mother’s Day unless you give them a reason to stick around. We suggest you spice things up a little. Instead of serving your regular lunch, why not host a high-tea, a Champaign breakfast, or a cocktail evening?

By creating a unique dining experience, you get to hold on to your regular customers and at the same time, you can encourage new ones to enter your doors.

Also, if you plan your event right, you will create a lasting impression and new guests may just visit you again to try out your regular menu.   

4. Connect with Local Mom’s Groups

This is targeted marketing at its finest. For Mother’s Day, you want to host moms and their families galore. So, where better to find moms than at your local mom’s groups! Yup, you can plan your unique event and then send promotional flyers and emails to nearby churches, day-cares, and other organisations that are woman-focused. 

You can also ask these groups to participate in surveys. A detailed survey will give you the info you need to plan an event that caters to “what moms want”. 

5. Host a Mother’s Eve Event

By hosting a Mother’s Eve event, you can capitalise on this special occasion on more than one day. Why not hold a cocktail evening the night before where the ladies can have a fun and carefree night out before celebrating with their families? You can offer free drinks to all moms with the promise of a family brunch the next day. It’s genius! 

6. Cater to the Kids

The fastest way to mom’s heart is to treat her kids lovingly. That’s why we think a Mother’s Day promotion that includes entertaining the kids at a restaurant is a brilliant idea. Mom can sip her wine in peace while you bring in the kiddie’s entertainment and childminders. Get the kids to make Mother’s Day cards while they wait for their meals to arrive and you’ll get extra brownie points!

Use social media platforms such as Facebook to create an event page where you list the family entertainment that will be available. You can then use the paid marketing option to promote this event far and wide. 

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7. Run A Contest with Moms in Mind

A contest will allow you to capitalise from this occasion on the days leading up to the big event. For example, during the month of March, all moms who visit your venue can be entered into a draw. You can announce the winners on Mother’s Day. And to take one step further, all prizes can be used to draw customers back to your establishment (such as meal vouchers, for instance). 

8. Highlight Your Inclusivity

Do not alienate a subsection of mothers and families by only catering to one version of what “mom” can mean. Moms can come in all forms and the role can be filled by plenty of people from grandmothers and aunties to teachers and nannies. Families can have more than one mom too, so make sure your perspective of Mother’s Day fits this diversity. 

How to Promote Your Mother’s Day Event and Promotions

  1. Use social media to create a big hype and talk about how moms are going to miss out if they’re not there to be wined, dined, and treated.  
  2. Use your database to send out emails and SMS’s to notify your customers of what they can expect. If you haven’t started compiling a database yet…now’s the time (contact us for more info).
  3. Hand out flyers to targeted audiences such as your local churches, schools, and mom’s groups. 

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Successful busy events such as Mother’s Day can be the difference between building a loyal customer base and a bad reputation – but, with a bit of forethought and a touch of creativity, you’ll be building lasting loyalty. For more information on how you can attract customers and retain them, please contact Stampede for an innovative take on marketing technology. 



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