Get Customers To Choose You

Get Customers To Choose You 150 150 Euan Campbell

Tempest Brewing Co.,  a craft beer company nestled in the Scottish Borders, released details of their reopening but with a bit of a twist which caught our attention.

Instead of another set of policies, guidelines and changes to operations, they have put full focus on their events program as their route to reopening.

Their Tap Sessions events were a feature of their taproom before nationwide lockdown and the sessions are now live again as hospitality opens back up again. Every session is “built around a theme” and each person gets 5 different beers to try, a tasting session with the brewer, some bar snacks and a drink to take away for later.

It’s a few small changes that make it stand out in your inbox or social feed.

A “you must pre-book” policy now becomes “book your space at our regular events”. The “limited numbers of customers at a time” becomes a “private beer tasting event” with plenty of available slots to book in the months to come.

Repackaging how you reopen presents many other potential benefits. Not only does it stick in people’s minds, but it will also appeal to those people who are perhaps more apprehensive of going to larger venues that are open for (relatively) normal service.

If you’ve already reopened for normal trade with a  “soft-launch” , don’t worry, the opportunity still exists to do something special to celebrate reopening. Discounts and promotions aren’t such an obvious choice but special events that make the most of new measures fit well.

Regardless of what you’re doing to promote your reopening, we can help you get the message out to your audience, whilst also making the contact details collection easy for everyone when they visit.