Faster Communication With Your Customers

Faster Communication With Your Customers 150 150 Euan Campbell

Other than Track and Trace we’ve been working on other ways to support venues reopening. Specifically, how to make telling customers about it easier.

To help you promote your reopening and get customers up to speed on your new measures, there is a new email template in Marketing. It’s called “Reopening Guidelines”.

All it takes is some small adjustments for venue specifics and this email can be ready to send to your customers in a few minutes.

Here are some other top tips from high performing messages we’ve seen already:

  • Include pictures of your staff and venue all geared up
  • Provide links to any apps you’ll be using to encourage pre-visit downloads and registrations
  • Add in a simple map to show any changes to entering and leaving plus any closed or open areas
  • Confirm whether a takeaway service will still be available (if it was offered before)
  • Inform customers of any changes to the specifics of their experience i.e. how has the buffet changed?

While venues have been preparing in terms of layout, cleaning, distancing and so on, the need to collect contact data may have caught some off guard. Sorting this extra task needn’t slow down your reopening communications.

We can help you get set up quickly so you can start telling customers about reopening, knowing that all the necessary elements are in place.

There are also more templates to promote your takeaway, delivery or gift cards in our email marketing system.

Get in touch with one of our team to find out more about Marketing or Track and Trace.