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May 1, 2018


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Connect 3.1 is Here!

Connect 3.1 is Here!

If you logged into your Connect dashboard you might have noticed a few changes inside – that’s because today we released our latest version of Stampede, Connect 3.1!

You’re not going to hurt our feelings if you didn’t notice it right away, as there weren’t any massive UI changes. However, we did introduce a whole raft of exciting new features – just take a look!

Business hours: It’s now possible to operate a network for as many different periods throughout the day as you wish instead of just one. We’ve also updated the business hours menu with a few UI tweaks.

Marketeer User: This will allow admins to create Marketeer accounts that will have the same privileges as a moderator but will be able to have marketing credits assigned to them on a monthly basis by their admin.

Fake Data: Populate a site with spoof data for demonstration and education purposes (not to be confused with fake news).

Spend per Head: Tell us how much a customer in your marketing audience is worth to you and we’ll show you how much money you’ve made. It’s like instant ROI.

Status Checker: This will allow for a user to check the setup of a network for errors and see useful info, such as when it was last online and if the Facebook ID is valid.

Nearly Online: We have been working on a massive overhaul of the splash screen in Stampede. For those of you doing custom branding, it will be a lot smoother and easier with a new integrated automatic colour picker based on the colour of your background image or logo. We will also be implementing a ‘simple’ and ‘advanced’ branding mode.

Bug Fixes: Small issues with UI and errors when switching between locations will be ironed out to make your day to day experience smoother.

As always, we are available at 0131 510 7008 or at if you have any questions.

And if seeing all these tasty improvements makes you want to offer awesome WiFi for your retail, pub or restaurant business, why not give us a try?

Click here to get started.



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