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Jan 15, 2018


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ANNOUNCING Connect 3.0 Beta

ANNOUNCING Connect 3.0 Beta

We’re working hard towards January’s Beta release of Connect 3.0. What does this mean to you? It means you can register to be one of the first testers!

So what’s coming up in Version 3.0? Man – you are just full of questions today, aren’t you? No worries. Happy to let you know what’s coming up.  Just take a look at some of the goodies we’ve packed into version 3.0:

Version 3.0 Changelog

  • Connect Account Login via Google
  • Simplified interface
  • Zapier Integration – New zap ‘Unvalidated Registration’
  • UniFi Integration – Enter details once, stay in sync forever
    • Email validation timeouts now work on UniFi
  • Meraki Integration – Simple integration with the Cisco Meraki platform
  • PayPal Integration – Enter details once, rather than site by site basis
  • Notification Center – e.g. email alerts for invoices, insight reports and much more!
  • Advanced device management of user payments/devices
  • Marketing
    • Setup wizard
    • Templates
    • New “Not seen in Audience” segment


After Beta moves to Golden Master Release; there will be more big changes coming up, including the refactoring of the way we offer content filtering and major under-the-hood changes which should make some of the other features you’ve been requesting at our Feature Vote easier to implement (dual daily schedules for example).

Want to Try the Next Generation?

You can register to become part of our Beta testing programe and try out new Connect 3.0, with all its new features, by simply sending us a request through the button below:


NOTE: Connect 3.0 has undergone our normal stringent internal testing. However, as it is in Beta, some bugs may still be present. If you come across any, please report them here.

Releasing an update of this magnitude as a Beta is a first for us… and we’ll keep doing this going forward as we can get feedback from you  and implement incremental changes quicker.

Connect 3.0 will be in Beta for approximately one month in order to ensure all bugs have been ironed out. It will then be rolled out to all customers. 



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