We are


We’re a team of dedicated and motivated tech enthusiasts, on a mission to enable better customer experiences and growth for hospitality businesses.


The Launchpad

Our founder, Patrick Clover, launched this journey whilst working as a WiFi systems installer. He discovered how drastically underwhelming the WiFi access experience was for businesses and their customers. He knew there must be a better way. For everyone involved.

And so, in 2016, he set about creating that better way.

Taking inspiration from the best of modern tech and those magical interactions it can create, Patrick founded Stampede and built the first versions of our guest WiFi captive portal. Better user experience, easier management, better functionality.

The Fuel

A happy by-product appeared. Lots of data.

Fuelled by feedback and success within the hospitality industry; new features were built to make use of this data. Email marketing, SMS marketing and marketing automation. Tools to gather customer feedback, analyse reviews, sell gift cards and drive loyalty. All are built-in to one platform.

Savvy hospitality businesses - of any size - could now turn a simple data collection tool into a revenue-generating resource.

Patrick and Stampede focused on building a platform that does the heavy lifting so that anyone could use it to deliver those magical customer interactions and, importantly see the success in real numbers.


The Gravity

The great enemy of small businesses is the allure of the big tech platforms and their ability to quickly empty your wallet with false promises and vanity metrics. In the face of this, everything Stampede does is centred on real, tangible returns and making this information accessible to operators.

Amidst a fractured market of third-party integrations and 2000’s style technology, Stampede champions a fresh approach. Results-driven, vertically integrated software that defines how customer experiences are improved with better technology.

The Drive

Seeing our customers succeed and grow is what drives us. Knowing that our technology is doing its part silently in the background humbles us. We hold tight to the tenet that it “should just work”. We’re here to challenge the status quo and deliver memorable experiences that people want to repeat again and again.

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