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Feb 8, 2018


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WiFi in Stadiums & Arenas

WiFi in Stadiums & Arenas

There’s nothing like waking up and knowing today is the day of the big event. You probably bought the tickets a few weeks (or even months) ago and the excitement has been building up. 

After all, it’s a wonderful thing to have something to look forward to, so don’t leave anyone out! From music lovers attending their favourite gigs, to sports enthusiasts who want to support their favourite clubs – everyone is going to have something to post to the internet while they’re out catching the action!

The buzz around big events is probably older than we know, as there were stadiums in basically every culture throughout the last thousands of years. Just look at all the ancient Greek or Roman stadiums and arenas – all of those were built with the purpose to gather and entertain the masses.

Although the concept of stadiums has stayed the same throughout the ages, the way we participate in these events has changed. Long story short, the digital revolution happened. Long story long, there are a thousand ways to participate in such events without even being there physically; videos of your favourite concerts can be ordered online, sport events can be watched via live stream and your friends can video call you from that festival you weren’t able to go to. Something else has changed, too: people are now able to share their experiences instantaneously. With a variety of new channels, like Social Media, event visitors are now able to broadcast their passion and excitement to all their friends and fellow fans.

How do I improve the experience of my customers?

In order to provide today’s event goers with a good experience in a stadium, an opportunity for them to share their experience must be provided. You’re going to need  a proper Guest WiFi Solution for all the spectators. Every passionate visitor should have the possibility to share the thrill of the event online, and it’s one of the core amenities stadiums have to provide for today.

Offering WiFi is crucial today and Stampede is here to make sure you get the most out of your Guest Network.

Invite visitors to connect to the Internet through a beautiful splash screen that fits the ambience of the venue, or personalise it for a certain event. While gathering bits of visitor data, you provide them with a safe connection – no password needed!

Depending on the kind of customer data you aim to collect, different conclusions can be drawn. For example, the average time of a connection suggests how much time people spend wandering around an event. Another great example is learning about where visitors come from, as it can help to geographically target marketing for the next event better.

Let the fans spread the Love 

Letting fans share content whilst they’re in the stadium is one of the best ways to promote the venue itself and put it on the map. All content posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat is directly linked to the location and is some of the best advertising you could ask for. This is also true for all the sponsored brands that are present in the stadium, all of them are directly being broadcast to a wide range of fans and followers.

Another great feature of Stampede to connect with visitors is Marketing Automation. Once spectators connect to the WiFi, they can receive information about the event itself, or snack & drink offers via email or SMS, a fantastic way to increase the potential revenue of your venue. You can even go a step further and text them as they leave and thank them for joining the event. As you’re about to send them a text anyways, why not invite them to the next event straight away and maybe offer a little discount? As you see, the options that this feature provides are endless.

Ready to use a Guest WiFi solution?

If you want to learn more about how Guest WiFi Analytics & Insights affect your business and how it can support its growth, click right below and find out how Stampede can help you transform your business today.


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