Euan Campbell

Sep 7, 2020


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What’s On This Week? – 07/09/2020

On top of Sourdough September and Organic Month, this week has an interesting mix of topics to inspire your social media and email content. Here’s three to get you started:

Monday 7th September

We kick off with National Salami Day. Salamis are a major player on share platters and anti-pasta plates, and can be super photogenic. Just checkout local-to-us PIGGS wine bar on Instagram.

You could create some visual content showing off your wide selection; perhaps share a short story on how it’s made or where it’s sourced for some more immersive written or video content.

Tuesday 8th September

World Star Trek Day might be a bit niche for some to get involved in, but there’s a huge fanbase out there.

Many fans of the franchise will be settling in to watch their favourite series or set of films at home. A quick nudge to remind customers of takeaway and delivery availability could grab the attention of those looking for easy food and drinks on the day.

Sunday 13th September

This Sunday is Celiac Awareness Day. 1 out of every 100 people are thought to suffer from some degree of this disease, so it’s no wonder that many venues offer gluten-free options (or entirely gluten-free menus).

It’s a chance to help your followers learn a little more about celiac disease and share what your business does to be inclusive around it.

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