September take two 🎬

Oct 20, 2023

✉️ Email speeds improved by 100% for large bulk campaigns
🎯 New integration with Loke
🚀 Wifi settings redesigned from the ground up

Busy time for us at Stampede and for our customers ramping up towards Christmas. At this time of year, conditions are ideal for maximising ROI with festive campaigns. Which for us of course means a big spike in traffic. With our latest update we hit a new personal best sending rate: 400 emails a second 💥

In other news… heres a sneak peak of our new booking modal with improved automatic table suggestions:

Oh and added to that ☝️ one can now lock booking to their tables so that important bookings or requested tables aren’t accidentally moved. Heres a quick run through of how that works…

And with that, onto to next month! We have a lot of exciting new features planned so look out for the next feature drop ✌️

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