Euan Campbell

Jul 3, 2020


1 min read

Covering All The Bases

When it comes to collecting customer details we understand that registering with a venue through WiFi isn’t possible 100% of the time. So we’ve put together a system to cover those instances and still provide the benefits of using a digital track and trace system.

Customers can also scan a QR code specific to Stampede venues that is printed on posters and floor stickers.

How it Works

They enter their contact details in a form which go into the same secure storage as the information collected from the WiFi. This keeps it simple for staff with one location for all customer data.

What makes this QR scan-in special is that there are no venue-specific ID numbers to enter, nor are there different QR codes for each venue. It’s one QR code that works for any Stampede venue. This way of keeping it simple is the ideal solution for everyone.

No phone, no problem.

For those customers without access to a smartphone or a WiFi-enabled device, staff can add them to the system manually, still keeping all the data in one place.

Altogether it’s a fast and easy way to tick this data collection job off your list so you can spend your time where it’s needed most.

To find out more or ask any questions, contact one of our team on 0131 510 7008, by email or visit our website to live chat with us.



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