Latest Stampede updates. Including company updates, new product features and new integrations.

The Path To Regrowth
The Path To Regrowth 1200 680 Chris Wilkie

There have been various growing-ons at Stampede, in both product and business sense. We’re feeling very fortunate to be able to keep working on improving the product and still engage…

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Apple ID Login – New Feature
Apple ID Login – New Feature 1200 628 Chris Wilkie

Apple ID is now available as a login method to Stampede Guest WiFi. This latest addition to our captive portal further enhances the user experience for Apple device users.  The…

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New Integration with TP-Link Omada
New Integration with TP-Link Omada 2048 1158 Chris Wilkie

We’re excited to announce a new integration between Stampede and TP-Link’s Omada controller. TP-Link was founded in 1996 and has become a recognised global provider of networking devices and accessories. …

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Organisations: People and Locations
Organisations: People and Locations 1200 680 Chris Wilkie

We recently applied a major update to the system to make managing user roles across multiple brands or locations easier to do. Stampede users have more control over who can…

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Product Update – Importing Data
Product Update – Importing Data 1200 628 Chris Wilkie

Many Stampede users are looking for ways to connect the tech they use and simplify things. Data imports means our customers have the opportunity to cut down on their use…

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Last Week at Stampede
Last Week at Stampede 1200 680 Chris Wilkie

It’s now been just over a week since the U.K. government set lock-down in place to prevent coronavirus spread. At Stampede we were already fully stuck in our work from…

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New Feature Alert – Gift Cards
New Feature Alert – Gift Cards 1536 868 Cate Triendl

Like many other suppliers to the hospitality industry, we’ve spent the last week coming to terms with the impact of COVID-19. As news came in about what venues are doing…

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New Integration with D-Link Nuclias Cloud Network
New Integration with D-Link Nuclias Cloud Network 2048 1158 Cate Triendl

We’re excited to announce a new integration! D-Link Nuclias Cloud Network now integrates with Stampede. D-Link started off as a small company in 1986 with developing networking and connectivity products…

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Product Update – SMS Verification
Product Update – SMS Verification 150 150 Patrick Clover

Why SMS verification is important? The whole world has a mobile phone numberGuaranteed deliverability Instant validation through modern smartphonesSMS marketing has a 97% read rate within 15 minutes Why did…

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Stampede 2019 Review
Stampede 2019 Review 1890 448 Cate Triendl

It has been a big year here at Stampede. Join us for a throwback of the highlights of 2019. Looking back, we spoke to a lot of amazing people around…

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