Case Study
Edinburgh Corn Exchange
A seamless customer experience across multiple leisure venues.
Edinburgh Corn Exchange

We recently had the pleasure to chat with another customer of ours to discover what drives and motivates him. This time, we met Paul de Marco, the owner and Managing Director of Marcos.

He’s running a fast growing family business that operates across four venues: the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, World Of Football, World Of Bowling and Marcos Pool Hall and Bar.

Now, that’s what we call a multi-purpose entertainment venue!

Being an entrepreneur and running a number of key locations in Edinburgh obviously goes hand in hand with a full schedule, but Paul’s not one to complain.

It’s challenging, stressful, fulfilling and fun” Paul notes. “It’s perfect.

So how does he keep his head above the water (or corn in this case)?
Paul shared his secret with us:

There will always be challenges, too many to mention. However, it’s the solutions that matters, not the challenges.

We couldn’t agree more. Let’s see how Stampede helped Paul to stay on top of things and create a connection with his customers.

The first benefit Paul mentions is the ability to identify customers better and reach out to them directly. Imagine the amount of people walking in and out of four venues every single day. Collecting relevant information about your customers was never so easy, all they have to do is log into the WiFi network once and Stampede does the rest. Paul adds,

Of course, Stampede is essential for us to gather information on our customers, so we can reach them easier.

The collection of customer demographics proved to be key to reach out to guests and establish loyalty. Relevant data that Stampede can gather includes gender, email, phone number and even information concerning the geographical origin of your guests. Furthermore, you can also use Stampede to see how long guests stay on the network, the amount of data they use and how often they connect.

Particularly in hospitality and leisure, customer reviews are a key priority. It’s growing increasingly more popular for customers to read online reviews before they visit your business. With this in mind, Paul he established a top notch online presence, excellent response times and made review sites part of his business.

Making your business visible online is a must today, as this is where new customers might encounter your business first and their experience with your brand starts.

Our prime goal as a business is to satisfy customers” told us, and this requires many parts of the business to be in line.

For a seamless customer experience, a guest WiFi network is a must today. “It’s the standard now, especially for venues with a weak phone signal,” Paul adds. But providing an open network to guests is neither secure, nor nice for guests to look at. This is where a captive portal solution like Stampede comes in. To use the WiFi, customers first encounter a splash screen that asks them to fill in basic information about themselves. This splash screen should include the brand image, fitting colours and be complementary to the rest of the brand.

A branded splash screen is essential, your brand should be prominent and consistent throughout the business” Paul emphasises.

Thanks again Paul for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are delighted to see that Stampede supported you in creating a superior customer experience across all your venues.

In case you are wondering what ‘customer experience’ actually means and how Guest WiFi marketing can transform your business, it’s time to give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you!

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